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AVOWED, 5445 S Alameda St, APT 2C., Corpus Christi, TX 78412

Please Help! Your gift is very critical to provide care and love to the confined and convalescent in care centers, but that should not be lonely and forgotten.

AVOWED - One Worship Team

Let us labor for that which will last - love - A love which is concerned for others rather than self.

Care Center worship program
Rodney, individual room visit
Care Center worship program
Kennie, Hannah, Tehya, Caleb, visitation

Giving Away Faith, Hope and Love: 

Yes, “giving away” in that we are not just “sharing” or “explaining”, but investing our lives in joy.  Willing to burn the lamp of our lives out for God as we love the lonely and forgotten of our society.  Starting with the Pitzer family and building from there, we are using every effort to expend our energy in the form of our intellect, emotions, spirit and body in devotion to God.  Encouraging the faintheartedProclaiming peaceBringing glad tidingsProclaiming salvationSinging together in spiritual waste placesComforting God’s people.

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