About Us


AVOWED was established in July, 2011 by Rodney Pitzer to formalize approach to family ministry; however, reaching out in compassion ministry has been a passion for him for more than 30 years.


In 1984, Rodney Pitzer at the age of 16 was in a motor vehicle accident that left him paralyzed from the belly button down.  Through God’s Divine intervention, that “accident” of fate, redefined his life as he trusted Jesus Christ for eternal salvation.  After trusting Jesus as his Savior and Lord, Rodney had the passion for compassion ministry and desired to get started before he was fully out of his back brace.  He was soon enrolled in Stephen Ministries training through his church, learning one-to-one Christian care to individuals experiencing a life crisis.  He then proceeded through various other church based training opportunities and also through community opportunities such as Hospice training.  He then jumped into various ministry opportunities, but at the very beginning started out with regular hospital visitation, one-on-one ministry to those that were disabled, and minors that were incarcerated and in trouble with the law.  Since then, the opportunities for both training and hands on ministry only increased.


In 2008, Rodney met Doug and Sharon Gilbert.  Doug and Sharon where trying to get a church-based, worship and care center visitation ministry started.  Rodney  volunteered and began a new level of commitment that extended to at least one formal worship program each week.  It then began to increasingly expand as new requests spiraled out of that volunteer ministry.  Doug and Sharon were key mentors to Rodney.  Doug and Sharon have been trusted confidential counselors, guides, coaches and friends.  They have passed on experiences, provided loving feedback, and have been encouragers.

Rodney's vision is to see this type of family ministry expand exponentially. The benefits are not just a one-way street. While the elderly very much appreciate the presence of volunteers, much like grandchildren for a family gathering, the seniors provide blessings for the volunteers as well. Many seniors keep volunteers in prayer like family members as well. Volunteers become ministry-minded, and learn to respect and value all people as they engage in selfless acts of service. This ministry brings with it constant teachable moments for volunteers, children, and provides families with life-long memories.